Renovations underway here. Not to worry though - visit the Aquatic Biosphere Project site for more information.

This site is temporarily down for renovations, but please visit our Project site, to learn more about this exciting initiative for our community.

The Aquarium Society of Alberta is a registered charity, operating as a for-impact non-profit organisation, and is responsible for the proposed Aquatic Biosphere Project. We are a volunteer-based Society, people with a passion for water, for fish, for biodiversity, for economic development, for education. We are people committed to making a difference for our future.

This site is being renovated to update the Society's information and to better support our stakeholders, funders, donors and partners. If you are interested in more information about how you can support this project, please visit here to leave us a message.

Find us on Facebook and Twitter, sign up for the Project's mailing list on this page (scroll to the bottom).

Thank you for your patience. We'll be back soon.