The Aquarium Society of Alberta is a group of dedicated volunteers working to bring a world class public aquarium, education and research centre to the Capital Region of Alberta. Destined to become a sparkling jewel on Edmonton’s landscape, this facility is planned to focus on conservation messaging with personal actionable tasks, supported by public education and local research.

The Alberta Aquarium is actively seeking partners, sponsors and collaborative associations who are also looking to promote and support this kind of community enhancement. Whether you wish to support with action, in-kind donations, monetary sponsorship, or other kinds of support, we are open to discussion. We firmly believe in success by collaboration, prosperity by cooperation.


Our Corporate Values & Mission

The Alberta Aquarium embodies the spirit of:

Ethical Practices          Innovative Creation          Stewardship

Collaborative Results          Wonder

Alberta Aquarium Mission

To educate, inspire & empower people to play an active role

in the conservation of our aquatic ecosystems.


If your company or organisation is interested in further information, please send an email to contactus [at] AlbertaAquarium [dot] ca or use the form on the Contact Us page. One of our Board Executive will be in touch with you shortly thereafter. If you would like to have a presentation of the Aquarium Project done for  your organisation’s Board or Executive, please mention that in your request; we are happy to do so.


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Founded in 2014, the Aquarium Society of Alberta is a registered non-profit organisation.