The Mission

The Mission

We are a group of volunteers passionate to bring a public aquarium, education and research facility to central Alberta.  Why? Well…


1. Aquatic ecosystems are amazing, complex, and hard to fully experience firsthand.

2. We still have a lot to learn about the earth’s oceans and water systems.

3. Being landlocked, learning about the oceans is tough. This is the BEST place to have an aquarium for that reason alone.

4. There are so many interesting things to explore in an aquarium, so many fascinating animals to meet.

5. There is nothing better than hands-on learning and direct exposure to environments to generate interest and passion.

6. While inspiring kids to take a bigger interest in these environments, we’re not forgetting about the adults. There will be programming for adults and families too.

7. A world class facility with supporting research is a good thing and will bring a whole new group of visitors to the Province.

8. Child and youth programming, mentoring and internships will be important components. We passionately believe in paying it forward to our future.

9. A large attraction like this in the region will bring permanent jobs from a new direction, enhance the region’s tourism profile and plenty of economic benefits both direct and indirect.

10. Aquariums are cool.


FAQs: The Top 3

Q. Will the aquarium have dolphins & whales?

A. No. There will be no cetaceans and no trained animal shows.

Q. Where will the aquarium be built?

A. The location has not yet been decided.

Q. Will there be something on Alberta’s rivers and lakes?

A. Yes, that is one we are working on. Our rivers, lakes and wetlands are fascinating, with over 60 species of fish! We will help you to get to the bottom of our water eco-systems and discover our own backyard.



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